Finance Your Commercial Real Estate Quickly

At Clover Capital Group, we offer our clients a wide variety of commercial real estate financing and loans in order to best fit their needs and future goals for their businesses, regardless of whether the commercial property is an investment or owner-occupied. We have the means and knowledge to tailor the right financing solution for you no matter the size of the transaction, with recourse and non-recourse options available based on the deal. Here are a few of the programs we offer.

Types of Financing Programs We Offer

Conventional Commercial Real Estate Programs – We are able to offer conventional loans for real estate that has been stabilized either as an investment or as owner occupied in amounts upwards of $100,000,000 in some of the nation’s largest markets. Our LTV’s can be up to 80% and the interest rates as low as 3.25%. The properties that we consider are industrial, multifamily, mixed use, hotels, self-storage, retail, office and mobile home parks.

Mezzanine and Equity Financing – We at Clover Capital Group are quite skilled at securing these types of transactions for commercial real estate, tailoring the solutions we offer to your situation. In order to fund these transactions, we represent numerous sources of capital and investors of high net worth.

FHA and HUD Lending – When you choose FHA financing for your business, you get access to loans that are fixed rate, fully amortizing, non-recourse and long-term. Such a loan could be used for refinance, acquisitions or new construction.

Commercial Bridge Loans and Hard Money Loans – These kinds of loans are made for time periods that are much briefer that other types of financing. They also typically have a higher interest rate than other longer-term loan options.

These are just a few of the options that we at Clover Capital Group offer to our clients when it comes to commercial real estate financing. Get in touch with us to hear about some of our other exciting programs.