Keep Everyone Happy With Consumer Financing

With the unique approach to the industry that Clover Capital Group takes, we are able to offer a consumer finance program that can be tailored to fit the needs of any business that sells its services or products for under $10,000. We are also able to provide your customers with financing. In this way, you will not come out on the bad end of any sales, thereby increasing your bottom line. If you wish, we can also purchase revolving credit agreements, retail installment contracts or the loans in your current portfolio. Some of the highlights of our consumer financing program include:

  • Instant credit approval and processing
  • Potential e-signature use
  • Offerings of creative programs including six months same as cash
  • Compatible with most industries
  • Collection of bad debt portfolios
  • Tiered consumer pricing
  • Capacity to finance your customers as low as a Fico score of 580 and to finance your current credit provider’s turndowns

Some of the industries we finance include the medical, jewelry, dental, retail furniture and travel fields. Engaging in consumer financing is beneficial to your business in its capacity for quick decision and responses to get you the funds and tools you need to grow. Your customers benefit from the stability, convenience and money-managing features offered. Get in touch with the Clover Capital Group professionals to learn more.