Free Up Cash Flow with Purchase Order Financing

For companies that make or source materials for other businesses, cash flow can make the difference between taking on a new project and having to pass, and passing on a project impairs your ability to grow your business. That is why Clover Capital Group has designed a purchase order financing program with trade and production businesses in mind.

How It Works

Purchase order advances work by assessing the value of your incoming orders and providing you with a percentage of that order’s value to use as working capital. This allows your company to start work by paying for equipment, extra labor, or raw materials needed to start on large orders, ensuring they are completed in time to keep your customer happy and keep your payment.

Purchase Order Financing Benefits

Purchase order cash advances are not loans, they are advances on income, so they do not count as part of your overall debt portfolio for most credit purposes. They also come with the following extra benefits:

  • Ensuring timely deliveries to customers
  • Increased market share
  • Growth without additional debt or loss of equity
  • Fast and flexible funding on short notice

When your company gets a surprisingly large order and wants to seize the opportunity, having access to our purchase order advance program provides the boost you need to keep your company working and growing.